Thursday, November 5, 2009

Only Chloe

...would come to me, place my finger on her nose, and say, "Mom, get it out!"

I'll spare you the details but after several attempts I was unsuccessful at getting the purple object out of her nose. When Rick got home, he put on his running spotlight, got the tweezers, and went into doctor mode.

Voila! A purple sparkle jewel thing.

Big Weekend

October 23-26, 2009---This was a big weekend for two reasons. The first being that Mimi was coming to visit. After arriving Friday afternoon/evening we had a quick but delicious dinner Trace Grill and then came back home for a little relaxation and socializing. I say "little" because everyone had to wake before the crack of dawn to make our trek to Oxford for an early game. We left our house at 5:30 am in order to get to the Grove in time to unload our van, get a bite to eat, and make it to the Walk Through.

Everyone was excited for the big game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, Houston's Nutt former employer of ten years. We knew the U Piggies wouldn't stand a chance against our Rebels and in honor of this event, a few of the foods at our tent included:

BBQ pork butt


and football shaped brownies

along with a smorgasbord of other tasty treats like sausage biscuits, sausage stars, sausage balls, muffins, various dips, chips, crackers, and sweets.

And, of course, Brady brought a worm bucket.

Our table centerpieces were chosen to honor our defensive line, also known as the "Landsharks":

As usual, the kids enjoyed being in the Grove.
Chloe brought a baby and had Mrs. Heather read her stories.

Anna Catherine and Mimi worked on hidden picture books.

AC had a new friend to play with.

There was a great turn out for the tailgate and the game.

Jackson enjoyed the game for the first 8 minutes. Then he asked if it was almost over. How that boy can not like football is beyond me! He lasted until half-time and Mimi took him to the Union. He had a backpack full of dinos and animals that he played with while she watched the game in the Union lounge.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed one of the best football games I've seen in a long time!! Our offense was amazing. Jevan had a career high throwing game, not to mention the fact that he ran in a touchdown on a trick play. He was 22 of 33 with two interceptions. Dexter was on FIRE!!! He set career highs in rushing and receiving.

The Rebels won, for the second year in a rown, beating the Razorbacks 30-17.

What a beautiful sight! Brady showing his Rebel Pride during "From Dixie With Love".

Afterwards we went to the Union steps to watch Molly cheer and who did we run into???

Then it was back to the tent to spend the rest of the afternoon relishing in our win.
The girls love to shell and eat peanuts.

One of the college students at the next tent spotted Jackson ...
...and came over to make him a proposition.
She asked him to take an acorn from the ground, sneak over to the guy in the black chair, and drop it in his beer without getting caught. Well, he did it and thought it was the funniest thing ever. The other college students were quite amused in the prank as well. Then the girl got him to do it again. Jackson opted to do it on his own three more times. Luckily, the guy and his friends were good sports about it. They decided to get Jackson back. One guy kept an eye on Jackson as he attempted to pull the prank off for the 6th time. As he got closer to their tent, the guy nodded to his friend who turned and roared at Jackson.

He must have jumped three feet in the air!
We had enjoyed a spectacular day in the Grove and it was time to make the drive south to Madison. The kids were exhausted and slept the entire way home so they were full of energy just as the adults were ready to crash.
We spent a lazy morning around the house Sunday morning and then Rick, Mimi, Anna Catherine, and Jackson went to the movies to see "Where the Wild Things Are". They said it was fantastic and the kids behaved well in the theater. We continued our lazy evening with dinner and an early bedtime for the kids which allowed the adults to watch the movie "Mr. Brooks" which was hard to follow and had a horrible ending. On Monday we were forced to go back to our typical school routine but Rick was able to take the day off and spend it shopping with his mom before she had to leave. Her visits always seem to fly by but she will come back after Christmas. I am hoping we can go to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art. And if we want to have a "Muppets" themed visit, we can drive over to Leland, MS to the birthplace of Kermit the Frog.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UAB game

October 17, 2009---We left my dad's house, dropped Jackson off at my mom's house (because he's not a big fan of football games), and drove to Oxford for the second of three straight weekends of home football games. After an embarrassing loss to Alabama, there wasn't much hype for our homecoming game against the University of Alabama at Birmingham...aka UAB. The Grove was emptier than I can ever remember it being in recent years. Our tailgate crew attendance was down by more than 60%. We did have a few tried-and-true members of the Dixie Clique who ventured out to support our Rebels on a cool and damp fall afternoon/evening.

Chloe couldn't get enough honey bbq twist fritos:

Uncle Brady explaining football to Chloe:

As cold as it was, Molly had plenty of spirit during her cheer performance:

The band spelling out "Ole Miss" during the pre-game show:

The team running out of the tunnel and rubbing Chucky's head on their way to the field:

Being as it was the Homecoming game, our half-time entertainment consisted of the homecoming court and the band. I do not have pictures of all homecoming court members and escorts but two of Houston Nutt's daughters were on it. This year's queen is Hart Wardlaw and her escort, ASB President Artair Rogers:

I called time-temp plus to find out the temperature during the 3rd was 37 degrees. To say we were cold is an understatement. We had coats, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, and hand warmers. It wasn't the coldest game I've ever attended but it was very chilly. There was a small crowd at Vaught-Hemingway and it continually got smaller and smaller throughout the night. Of course, we never leave until the very end...because Anna Catherine insists we stay.

I'm not sure if the girls were cheering or just trying to get
their blood flowing by dancing to get warm.

We won 48-13. I can't remember anything eventful about the game.
I'll blame it on near hypothermia--hahaha.

A Visit with Granddaddy

October 17, 2009---This was our first trip to my daddy's new house. We were all excited to get to see him and his new home place. We've seen the property before when it was just a pasture for his horses and mules and a place to have trail rides. He has done a lot of work on it and it looks beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures because my words will not do it justice. Much of the kudzu and overgrowth has been cleared away. He has two large flower beds on either side of the entry of his driveway. He has another flower bed at the bottom of the steps to his front porch. The front porch is filled with various potted plants and several hanging baskets of ferns. Daddy has plenty more renovation plans in his head but is waiting until warmer weather to execute them.

Daddy had decorated the entry to his driveway with scarecrows, hay bales,leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins, orange twinkle light, and a light up Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern. It was all so cute and festive and the kids just loved it! We drove to his house Friday night so the kids could see the decorations all aglow, spent the night at a local hotel, and then returned Saturday morning to have our visit before heading out to the Ole Miss football game. It was very cold, damp, muddy, and windy and the kids were not cooperative when it came time to take pictures.

We all talked about this and that and everything else and all too soon, it was time to go. I don't get to see my dad as often as I should so I try to make the most out of every visit.